Altinsu Textile

Altinsu Textile, in 1983, 100% viscose and acetate blend used in the suit by Hasan upper segment Altinsu was established to produce liners.

Hasan Altınsu established plant over the years, consistently better position to carry the effort through capacity increases, new equipment additions, technological innovation, and is moved to the corporate point with investment in people has become Europe’s most extensive and capable of lining factory. In a short time with the company that manufactures high quality liner home and abroad it has become a significant market share in the lining. She won the title of being the only manufacturer producing viscose and acetate lining in Turkey during the period, style and does not compromise on quality, supplying the leading suit manufacturers in the country have undertaken alone.

16.000 m2 closed area and constantly growing Altınsu, as well as maintaining the liner production, improving himself and machinery in the conditions and customer needs are changing day on the one hand, abiyelik daily, veil, trousers and so on. ladies outerwear has started the production of quality and continues its production with the goal of creating a difference with products manufactured in this channel.